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2017-08-22fallthrough fixesWillem Toorop
2016-11-30Handle "array subscript has type 'char'" warningsWillem Toorop
2013-04-19Splint, put end of string at the end (and not end+1) and unbound-1.4.20 regre...Willem Toorop
2013-04-19Correct b{32,64}_{ntop,pton} handling...Willem Toorop
2013-03-18- Make lint happyWillem Toorop
2012-08-24Changes from codereview from CZ.NIC and Paul WoutersWillem Toorop
2012-07-17bugfix #459: Export only symbols defined in ldns_symbolsWillem Toorop
2012-03-06update code documentation svn:NO TESTMatthijs Mekking
2011-12-24A simpeler solution is possible..Willem Toorop
2011-12-23Fix days_since_epoch to year_yday calculationWillem Toorop
2011-08-24Fix usage of divides and modulus in the utility time funtions.Willem Toorop
2011-05-18code review #1: Extra info on NSEC records only when verbosity is upWillem Toorop
2011-03-14lint fixes. I should have testen on 32bit in the first place.Willem Toorop
2011-03-14Fixed some minor typecasting errors for lint to passWillem Toorop
2011-03-14Multiple fixes regarding the serial-arithmetic time formating from the previo...Willem Toorop
2011-03-14Interpret wireformat inception and expiration time as serial-arithmetic numbe...Willem Toorop
2011-01-20fix set_bit (from NSEC3 sign) patch from Jan KomissarWouter Wijngaards
2010-12-07Fixes from Dan.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-08-09justin item 0 and 3. Check 5/8 and 8/5, also I do not knowWouter Wijngaards
2010-07-22bugfix #317Wouter Wijngaards
2010-05-18bugfix #310: POSIX specifies NULL second argument to gettimeofday.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-05-17fix srandom in resolver.cMatthijs Mekking
2009-10-13spaceMatthijs Mekking
2009-07-02review wouterJelte Jansen
2009-05-28more lintJelte Jansen
2009-05-28lots of lint fixletsJelte Jansen
2008-07-30copyright notice for bubblebabble codeJelte Jansen
2008-07-28patch from Jakob Schlyter adding BubbleBabble output in DS RR printingJelte Jansen
2008-07-22fixed bug in random readerJelte Jansen
2008-01-28header fileJelte Jansen
2008-01-09fix in makefile (copy manpages from srcdir not builddir)Jelte Jansen
2007-11-02randomnessJelte Jansen
2007-08-01merger of nsec3 branchJelte Jansen
2006-12-08Making it compile on Solaris 10.Wouter Wijngaards
2006-03-14dead code removedMiek Gieben
2006-01-05copyright on the lib. files: 2005-2006Miek Gieben
2005-09-20small lint fixJelte Jansen
2005-09-20timegm removed, and replaced by mktime_from_utc() (see recent bug in nsd)Jelte Jansen
2005-08-24added ldns_serial which should? implement serial arith. accordingMiek Gieben
2005-08-16str2host for WKS recordsJelte Jansen
2005-07-26added some convenience functionsJelte Jansen
2005-07-07arg take 3Jelte Jansen
2005-07-07more prefixesJelte Jansen
2005-06-23copyright updated to 2005.... and added header commments to *.c and *.hMiek Gieben
2005-05-11add ldns_version function, for returning our internal versioning, orthoginal ...Miek Gieben
2005-05-03forgot oneJelte Jansen
2005-05-03moved util.h to ldns/ dir so includes are still correct after having copied t...Jelte Jansen
2005-04-18printf's be goneMiek Gieben
2005-04-07we have too many functionsMiek Gieben
2005-04-07strtottl addedMiek Gieben