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2011-09-20Update of libdns.vim from Miek and some align on the 80 columns textual chang...Willem Toorop
2006-07-04ldns/dns.h -> ldns/ldns.hJelte Jansen
2006-06-14add the NONE class from dyn updateMiek Gieben
2006-06-08more documentation tweaksMiek Gieben
2006-05-24lint, stupid hmac error is still there btwMiek Gieben
2006-02-14check if the type covered of the signatures matches the type of theMiek Gieben
2006-02-07sha-256 implement, without actually calling the openssl libMiek Gieben
2006-01-25other cleanupsMiek Gieben
2006-01-25updated vim syntax file and removed weird ifdef from dns.hMiek Gieben
2006-01-10update.c tweaksMiek Gieben
2005-09-081 resolver todo doneMiek Gieben
2005-09-08use symbolic namesMiek Gieben
2005-09-08host2str TODO's fixedMiek Gieben
2005-09-08First todo killedMiek Gieben
2005-09-08removal of XXXMiek Gieben
2005-06-23various ldns_zone updatesMiek Gieben
2005-06-20added a zone struct. Nothing fancy at the time, will evolve over timeMiek Gieben
2005-06-16ldns_pkt_opcode is now a first class type in ldns, no more uint8_tMiek Gieben
2005-06-08cat and cat clone functionsMiek Gieben
2005-05-24check a whole packet at onceMiek Gieben
2005-05-04only wire2host.h has non prefixed LDNS_ stuff in itMiek Gieben
2005-05-04MALLOC -> LDNS_MALLOC and friendsMiek Gieben
2005-04-20added ldns_get_errorstr_by_idMiek Gieben
2005-04-18dont abort - but return LDNS_STATUS_NOT_IMPLMiek Gieben
2005-04-12another nice program from the masterMiek Gieben
2005-03-22highly experimental conversion code to generate a DNSKEY rr from a ldns_keyMiek Gieben
2005-03-16about 1 gazillion access functionsMiek Gieben
2005-03-16some signing advancesMiek Gieben
2005-03-10added new contant and NULL checksMiek Gieben
2005-03-09segfault fixed. Allthought drill1 still crashesMiek Gieben
2005-03-04vim updatedMiek Gieben
2005-03-03naive typing of packages - enough to implement drill -TMiek Gieben
2005-02-28added LDNS_RDF_TYPE_PERIOD. Conversion function need to be madeMiek Gieben
2005-02-28ALG conversion routinesMiek Gieben
2005-02-28some more dnssec function and buffer2wire stuffMiek Gieben
2005-02-21another conversion routineMiek Gieben
2005-02-15added run-test9 to further debug the problem. As of nowMiek Gieben
2005-02-15added packet typesMiek Gieben
2005-02-03working better nowMiek Gieben
2005-02-02add flags to the query creation functionsMiek Gieben
2005-02-01some tweaksMiek Gieben
2005-01-27more packet functionsMiek Gieben
2005-01-26As by erik's suggestion add a _compress option toMiek Gieben
2005-01-25compiles again. Started on converting everythingMiek Gieben
2005-01-25resolver tweaksMiek Gieben
2005-01-24B64 define in bufferMiek Gieben
2005-01-20str/txt conversion addedMiek Gieben
2005-01-20added dns.h for dns specific definesMiek Gieben
2005-01-20ldns_rdf2buffer_dname is nu helemaal kapot - kan ik zo 123 niet fixenMiek Gieben
2005-01-20added skeleton function for str2host conversion routines.Miek Gieben