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2019-03-01* Fix that ldns-testns ignores sigpipe.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2019-01-14Add ldns-signzone option to set SOA serial to unix time.Ralph Dolmans
2018-04-11ldns-notify with IPv6 addressW.C.A. Wijngaards
2018-02-28"unchanged" options for ldns-compare-zonesWillem Toorop
2018-02-28New compiler warningsWillem Toorop
2017-05-01Remove historical'sWillem Toorop
2017-04-101 valid RRSIG per RRset is sufficientWillem Toorop
2017-02-23Spelling errors reported on user list.Yuri Schaeffer
2017-02-13ldns-dane hang on remotes that dont close properlyWillem Toorop
2017-01-23ldns-notify can use all supported hash algorithmsWillem Toorop
2016-12-14Quick fix for tsig creds const consequencesWillem Toorop
2016-12-07GOST and SHA384 hashes in ldns-key2ds man pageWillem Toorop
2016-11-30Mac compiler warningsWillem Toorop
2016-11-30Handle "array subscript has type 'char'" warningsWillem Toorop
2016-11-30TypoWillem Toorop
2016-11-30LibreSSL has OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x2000000Willem Toorop
2016-11-30Fix pos. of USE_DANE and USE_DANE_VERIFY #ifdef'sWillem Toorop
2016-11-29lintWillem Toorop
2016-11-29Make ldns-dane OpenSSL 0.9.8 compatible?Willem Toorop
2016-11-24ldns-dane: Don't need to free extra_certsWillem Toorop
2016-11-24Return error on resolver_new fail in ldns-daneWillem Toorop
2016-11-21Bumb version (including .so version)Willem Toorop
2016-11-10Use OpenSSL with ldns-dane whenever possibleWillem Toorop
2016-11-08A --disable-dane-verify option for configuredevel/openssl-1.1-daneWillem Toorop
2016-10-31Typo in ldns-keygen manpageWillem Toorop
2016-10-31Fix manpage & DS key generation for new HMACsWillem Toorop
2016-10-18bugfix: #771: hmac-sha224, -sha384 and -sha512 keys.Willem Toorop
2016-10-17Strip unused function, make lint happyWillem Toorop
2016-10-17bugfix #796-792: Fix compiler warning issues.Willem Toorop
2016-10-17lintWillem Toorop
2016-10-17bugfix #796: Fix -Wshadow issues. Thanks Ngie CooperWillem Toorop
2016-09-05Fix for openssl 1.1.0 api changes.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2016-03-22* Prepare for ED25519, ED448 support: todo convert* routines inW.C.A. Wijngaards
2016-03-21Fix for openssl 1.1.0, --disable-dsa feature.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2015-09-28-U option to ldns-signzone to sign with every algoWillem Toorop
2015-09-28Use of uninitialized value in ldns-dane.cWillem Toorop
2015-09-22patch for ldns-daneJelte Jansen
2015-08-27Patch for ldns-keyfetcherJan-Piet Mens
2015-06-02Fixup backlog for ldns-testns for tests on slower systemsW.C.A. Wijngaards
2015-02-13Hyphen used as minus in manpages.Willem Toorop
2015-02-13Spelling fixes from Andreas SchulzeWillem Toorop
2015-01-28ldns-dane manpage correctionsWillem Toorop
2014-11-25bug#584 Match ldns-update manpage with help textWillem Toorop
2014-11-19bugfix #697: Double free with ldns-dane createWillem Toorop
2014-10-28Fix whitespace in ldns-verify-zone -hW.C.A. Wijngaards
2014-10-03ldns-keygen output .ds files only when SEP bit setWillem Toorop
2014-10-03Show dane acronyms in documentation tooWillem Toorop
2014-10-03ldns-dane tool has default selector type SPKIWillem Toorop
2014-07-12* Fix configure to make ldns compile with LibreSSL 2.0W.C.A. Wijngaards
2014-06-13ldns-testns sync verbose prototype with functionWillem Toorop