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2017-02-23Spelling errors reported on user list.Yuri Schaeffer
2012-08-31Changes from codereview from CZ.NIC and Paul WoutersWillem Toorop
2009-07-02review matthijs, except for dead code and todosJelte Jansen
2008-07-02applied patch for bug 190 for ldns-zsplit output, thanks ShaneJelte Jansen
2006-07-04ldns/dns.h -> ldns/ldns.hJelte Jansen
2006-04-04api change for ldns_new_zone_frm_* functionsMiek Gieben
2006-04-04and now from the correct directoryMiek Gieben
2006-01-18added -v or -version arguments that show the version of the tool (and the ver...Jelte Jansen
2006-01-10lint fixesJelte Jansen
2006-01-04these deep_frees are causing segfaultsMiek Gieben
2005-12-21stale ci from yesterdayMiek Gieben
2005-12-15major cleanup of the 2 tools. Now only the manual pagesMiek Gieben
2005-12-15splitting and catting zones works, only needs to cleanup. Some doc improvementsMiek Gieben
2005-12-14some fixes for the splitting. Add the cat. Disabled making of dpa, because th...Miek Gieben
2005-12-14spiffier names. I have no glue on why dpa fails now :(Miek Gieben