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2016-11-30Mac compiler warningsWillem Toorop
2016-10-17bugfix #796-792: Fix compiler warning issues.Willem Toorop
2009-07-02review matthijs, except for dead code and todosJelte Jansen
2009-02-05review commentsJelte Jansen
2009-02-03make lint happyMatthijs Mekking
2009-02-02rsa structure wasn't always correctly free'dJelte Jansen
2008-12-17updates for option to make ldns-walk print the entire zone dataJelte Jansen
2008-12-10-f (full walk) optionJelte Jansen
2008-10-06query for DS instead of ANY in ldns-walkJelte Jansen
2008-09-23space in walker outputJelte Jansen
2008-04-07commentjes en copyright jaartallen (dank miek)Jelte Jansen
2007-05-03cleaner outputJelte Jansen
2007-05-02and one more walking fixJelte Jansen
2007-05-02fixed a comparison error for 63-char labelsJelte Jansen
2006-08-02and one more 2canonical, just to be sureJelte Jansen
2006-08-02added walking support for max label lengthJelte Jansen
2006-07-06wrong typeJelte Jansen
2006-07-06tutorial line and -4/-6 option in walkerJelte Jansen
2006-07-04ldns/dns.h -> ldns/ldns.hJelte Jansen
2006-07-03small fix in ldns zone walkerJelte Jansen
2006-06-09better comments at start of examplesJelte Jansen
2006-04-06linktest uit allJelte Jansen
2006-04-04complete the api change, port examples and drillMiek Gieben
2006-01-24Moved nameserver retries to where they are marked as unreachableJelte Jansen
2006-01-19version for walker tooJelte Jansen
2006-01-10lint fixesJelte Jansen
2006-01-10added check to see if target zone contains DNSSEC data at allJelte Jansen
2006-01-10added verbosity argumentJelte Jansen
2006-01-10removed leftover debugprintfsJelte Jansen
2006-01-09compiler warningJelte Jansen
2006-01-09fixed argument order independenceJelte Jansen
2005-12-12misc fixes for -Wall. btw strptime is not really portable, I thinkMiek Gieben
2005-11-30error() -> fprintf(stderrJelte Jansen
2005-11-21added zone walkerJelte Jansen