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2016-10-17bugfix #796-792: Fix compiler warning issues.Willem Toorop
2015-08-27Patch for ldns-keyfetcherJan-Piet Mens
2015-02-13Spelling fixes from Andreas SchulzeWillem Toorop
2013-09-25'Separate' is most commonly misspelt wordWillem Toorop
2012-09-27bit more consisten error handling flow controlWillem Toorop
2012-09-25Final code review thingies:Willem Toorop
2012-05-04Removed unused variables (to eliminate compiler warnings).Willem Toorop
2011-03-02review #2: fix indentationMatthijs Mekking
2010-11-25catch ldns_resolver_query == NULLMatthijs Mekking
2009-07-02review matthijs, except for dead code and todosJelte Jansen
2008-04-07commentjes en copyright jaartallen (dank miek)Jelte Jansen
2007-07-12more manpagesJelte Jansen
2007-06-25lint and doc warnings removedJelte Jansen
2007-06-07'insecurer' mode in ldns-keyfetcher (just ask a recursive server for the key)Jelte Jansen
2006-12-06typos, "." removed in keyfetchers output file names, small free addedJelte Jansen
2006-07-05got examples to compile on Solaris. No stdint include file. store symbol is g...Wouter Wijngaards
2006-07-04ldns/dns.h -> ldns/ldns.hJelte Jansen
2006-06-30don't print domainJelte Jansen
2006-06-30extra error check creating resolverJelte Jansen
2006-06-30return correct error if reading of resolv.conf failsJelte Jansen
2006-06-29Added a comment to make the values explicit.Wouter Wijngaards
2006-06-28bug, check return before doing something with it :pJelte Jansen
2006-06-09better comments at start of examplesJelte Jansen
2006-05-03removed commented out codeJelte Jansen
2006-05-03-s option to auto store fetched keys in K<dom>.+<alg>.+<keytag>.key filesJelte Jansen
2006-05-03-4 and -6 options in keyfetcherJelte Jansen
2006-04-10memoriesJelte Jansen
2006-04-06typoJelte Jansen
2006-04-06also check answer sections for differencesJelte Jansen
2006-04-06nicer verbose outputJelte Jansen
2006-04-06lintJelte Jansen
2006-04-06fixed root server reader againJelte Jansen
2006-04-06some error messagesJelte Jansen
2006-04-06fixesJelte Jansen
2006-04-06only check z not *z when assigning in zone.cMiek Gieben
2006-04-05initial version of ldns-keyfetcherJelte Jansen