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2018-02-28"unchanged" options for ldns-compare-zonesWillem Toorop
2017-02-23Spelling errors reported on user list.Yuri Schaeffer
2015-02-13Hyphen used as minus in manpages.Willem Toorop
2014-03-04ldns-compare-zones exits 2 on diff with -eWillem Toorop
2010-03-01-s option.Wouter Wijngaards
2008-11-04-a option in manpageJelte Jansen
2008-10-01ondrej's patch + minor fix.Jelte Jansen
2007-11-29rest of 1.2.x changes incorporated to trunkJelte Jansen
2007-10-19part of new NSEC codeJelte Jansen