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2018-03-12Your CDS RR is not signed with your KSK as specified in RFC7344Tony Finch
2017-05-30Add openssl ED25519 support.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2016-12-15bugfix: detect DSA support with OpenSSL >= 1.1.0Willem Toorop
2016-12-05EVP_PKEY_base_id not always availableWillem Toorop
2016-10-18Fix #661 dont sign NSEC3 when len(zone name) > 222Willem Toorop
2016-04-26More lint miseryWillem Toorop
2016-03-22* Prepare for ED25519, ED448 support: todo convert* routines inW.C.A. Wijngaards
2016-03-21Fixup for backwards compat.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2016-03-21Fix for openssl 1.1.0, --disable-dsa feature.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2015-10-21finished adding const goodness (for now)Ray Bellis
2015-09-28-U option to ldns-signzone to sign with every algoWillem Toorop
2015-08-18Fix ECDSA signature generation, do not omit leading zeroes.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2013-12-16Disable printing to stderr with configure optionWillem Toorop
2013-09-25'Separate' is most commonly misspelt wordWillem Toorop
2013-08-19ldns-verify-zone NSEC3 checking optimizationWillem Toorop
2013-04-19Correct b{32,64}_{ntop,pton} handling...Willem Toorop
2013-03-18- Make lint happyWillem Toorop
2012-09-24Code review changes:Willem Toorop
2012-07-16bugfix #458: Track all newly created signatures when signing.Willem Toorop
2012-03-06update code documentation svn:NO TESTMatthijs Mekking
2012-03-02Zero out the correct flag (opt-out) when creating the NSEC3PARAMWillem Toorop
2012-01-25Replace x=x lines with the ATTR_UNUSED macro, to suppress clang warnings.Willem Toorop
2011-10-28Canonicalize the signers name rdata field in RRSIGs when signingWillem Toorop
2011-09-11Suppress lint whiningWillem Toorop
2011-09-111. Doxygen for printing and to text converting functions with ldns_output_for...Willem Toorop
2011-08-29Assertion error fix! Bug #391Willem Toorop
2011-05-24Review comment improvements from Matthijs.Willem Toorop
2011-05-17A new function thaWillem Toorop
2011-05-16Clarify the operation of the ldns_dnssec_mark_glue() function and the meaning...Willem Toorop
2011-03-29Spelling error! Rename NSEC3PARAMS into NSEC3PARAM.Willem Toorop
2011-02-11Lint test passes.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-12-07Fixes from Dan.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-10-28 * bugfix: signer sigs nsecs with zsks only.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-08-11Removed p224 algorithm from experimental ecdsa code.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-08-10experimental ECDSA implementation.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-08-03use KSK as ZSK if all keys have the SEP bit setMatthijs Mekking
2010-08-03ik haat trailing white space (gargamel style svn:NO TEST)Matthijs Mekking
2010-06-16Clones new soa.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-05-18Fix compiler warnings from llvm clang compiler.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-04-08Fix signatures over wildcards.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-04-06GOST support.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-02-04Fix NSEC at zone apex after DNSKEY not properly signed.Wouter Wijngaards
2009-11-13inherit class when creating signaturesMatthijs Mekking
2009-11-03Sign DNSKEY only with SEP keys.Wouter Wijngaards
2009-09-18Fix signature creation when RRs have different TTLs.Wouter Wijngaards
2009-08-05Fixed out of buffer reference, in case . is read, then rd_strlen==size==1 and...Wouter Wijngaards
2009-06-30pedanticJelte Jansen
2009-05-22more granular HAVE_SSL checks; functions that don't actually need it are not ...Jelte Jansen
2009-04-09ldns still had the _nsec3 aliases for sha2Jelte Jansen
2009-04-08hmz, 'apex glue' (an A or AAAA record at a delegation point) is now ignored w...Jelte Jansen