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2017-08-11* bugfix #1399: ldns_pkt2wire() Python binding is broken.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2016-12-19Update submodule to use adapted DNS::LDNS versionWillem Toorop
2016-12-19Make ldns_tsig_credentials_struct read-only for pythonMichael Weiser
2016-12-19Fix const warnings for tsig parametersMichael Weiser
2016-11-29Update submoduleWillem Toorop
2016-10-17Move ldns/rr.h import up a bitChristoph Egger
2015-02-13Spelling fixes from Andreas SchulzeWillem Toorop
2015-01-26New rdf types in pyldnsWillem Toorop
2014-11-20bugfix #575: ldns_pkt_clone copy timestamp tooWillem Toorop
2014-11-20bugfix #570: Add TLSA, CDS, CDNSKEY and OPENPGPKEYWillem Toorop
2014-01-10Set dates for release todayWillem Toorop
2014-01-03Next release will be 1.6.17Willem Toorop
2013-12-17Submodule Net-LDNS renamed to DNS-LDNSWillem Toorop
2013-10-02Properly checkout Net-LDNS with makedistWillem Toorop
2013-09-26Remove unused LDNS_RDF_TYPE_TSIGWillem Toorop
2013-09-10pyLDNS: Added new method ldns_rdf.data_as_bytearray().Karel Slany
2013-09-06Add Net-LDNS repository as submoduleWillem Toorop
2013-09-02Fixed mistake pyLDNS Changelog file.Karel Slany
2013-08-30pyLDNS: Added Slany
2013-08-30pyLDNS: Fixed ldns_resolver mem leaks in search(), send() and query().Karel Slany
2013-08-29pyLDNS: Added contrib/python/examples/ Slany
2013-08-29pyLDNS: Fixed mem leaks, changed behaviour of ldns_resolver.trusted_key().Karel Slany
2013-08-28pyLDNS: Removed ldns_pkt.set_searchlist_count().Karel Slany
2013-08-28pyLDNS: Fix memory leak when calling Slany
2013-08-28pyLDNS: Fix memory leak on ldns_resolver.get_name_by_addr().Karel Slany
2013-08-28pyLDNS: Fix memory leak on ldns_resolver.get_addr_by_name().Karel Slany
2013-08-27pyLDNS: Fixed ldns_resolver's set_domain() and domain().Karel Slany
2013-08-27pyLDNS: Fixed ldns_resolver's set_dnssec_anchors() and dnssec_anchors().Karel Slany
2013-08-27pyLDNS: Added pull cloning for ldns_resolver.axfr_last_pkt().Karel Slany
2013-08-27pyLDNS: Updated version identifier in documentation to 1.7.0.Karel Slany
2013-08-27pyLDNS: Fix: Memory leak when destroying ldns_resolver.Karel Slany
2013-08-27pyldns also to 1.7.0NLnet Labs -
2013-08-27Actually add contrib/python/examples/!Willem Toorop
2013-08-27New pyldns test from Karel SlanyWillem Toorop
2013-08-27pyldns patches from Karel SlanyWillem Toorop
2013-08-22Karel's python update.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2013-08-08* Fix memory leak in contrib/python: ldns_pkt.new_query.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2013-07-23* bugfix #508: ldnsx Adding NSEC3PARAM to known/allowable RR typeW.C.A. Wijngaards
2013-07-23* bugfix #507: ldnsx Fix use of non-existent variables and notW.C.A. Wijngaards
2013-07-18Get rid of compile warningsWillem Toorop
2012-12-12Ah... forgot those python bindings again...Willem Toorop
2012-11-19s/aaaa_short/aaaa_half/gIWillem Toorop
2012-11-19Oopsy... forgot one 4_shorts symbol :/Willem Toorop
2012-11-18Support for RFC6742 Resource Records for the Identifier-Locator Network Proto...Willem Toorop
2012-10-31Bumb versionWillem Toorop
2012-10-30pyldns fixesWillem Toorop
2012-10-23Oops... forgot to update the Changelog dates.Willem Toorop
2012-09-04Support for Python's rich comparison methods into ldns_dname, ldns_rdf,Willem Toorop
2012-09-02Oops, forgot to add scriptWillem Toorop
2012-08-31pyLDNS fixes in ldns_rr, ldns_rr_list, ldns_rr_descriptor from Karel Slany.Willem Toorop