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2015-03-02Fix out of bounds error on parse of b64 with invalid characters.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2014-04-14Fixup warning in malloc compile (no arguments in defintion)W.C.A. Wijngaards
2014-02-07Fixup #551 Regent to Copyright holder in license headings.W.C.A. Wijngaards
2013-04-22nicer on 32bitWouter Wijngaards
2013-04-22more portable snprintf implementationWouter Wijngaards
2013-04-19Correct b{32,64}_{ntop,pton} handling...Willem Toorop
2013-04-18fixup include of config.hWouter Wijngaards
2013-04-18own snprintf.cWouter Wijngaards
2013-04-18remove snprintf.cWouter Wijngaards
2011-12-05Fix with localtime_r compat.Wouter Wijngaards
2011-12-05fix warnings for gcc 4.6Wouter Wijngaards
2011-05-12Alleviate the potential sizeof(bool) discrepancies by:Willem Toorop
2011-03-01comment typoMatthijs Mekking
2011-03-01isascii compatMatthijs Mekking
2010-08-11Fix b32 routine.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-08-09Justin's items 1 and 2.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-06-25more externC and a typo in strtoul fallback.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-03-01No include of ldns/ldns.h, not needed and it needs special -I flags.Wouter Wijngaards
2010-02-09bugfix in snprintf compat %f functionality (unused in ldns, but fixed anyway)Wouter Wijngaards
2008-11-04b32_X for backwards compatibilityJelte Jansen
2008-10-28more warningzJelte Jansen
2008-10-27solaris9 warningsJelte Jansen
2008-08-22small fix to get drill working in cygwinJelte Jansen
2008-08-19prepend the base32 and base64 conversion functions in compat/ with ldns_Jelte Jansen
2008-06-02lib name and copyright noticesJelte Jansen
2008-05-27minor surface scratchesJelte Jansen
2008-05-21compiles on mingw.Wouter Wijngaards
2007-09-06Fixup code before declaration in compat code.Wouter Wijngaards
2007-08-15yet another trial with signature chase outputJelte Jansen
2007-08-01merger of nsec3 branchJelte Jansen
2007-02-17Ldns requires GNU style realloc, otherwise will give internalerrors tryingWouter Wijngaards
2007-02-05Removed = from last putenv, this works and it unsetenvs.Wouter Wijngaards
2007-02-05Cast for timegm warnings, and putenv fixup.Wouter Wijngaards
2006-12-13Fixes for compilation on SunOSWouter Wijngaards
2006-12-13replacement for gmtime_r when it is not available. Not threadsafe in thisWouter Wijngaards
2006-12-13Changes to port to SunOS.Wouter Wijngaards
2006-12-12Added compatibility files and configure checks for them that enableWouter Wijngaards
2006-11-15merged chase/trace improvements from nsec3 branch back to trunk (without the ...Jelte Jansen
2006-07-05New compat function isblank. Wouter Wijngaards
2006-07-04ldns/dns.h -> ldns/ldns.hJelte Jansen
2006-03-27apparently if had forgotten to commit this:Jelte Jansen
2005-05-13config.h may not be installed to system and therefore must be included from ....Jelte Jansen
2005-05-04removed ldns/ldns.h. That roll is taken over by ldns/dns.h. Fixed the includesMiek Gieben
2005-03-22more lint, removed obsolete testsJelte Jansen
2004-12-22b64_ntop, b64_pton, malloc, and timegm compatibility functions.Erik Rozendaal