AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-01-09bad return value checkrelease-1.2.xJelte Jansen
2007-12-12actually report the error :)Jelte Jansen
2007-12-10description was wrongJelte Jansen
2007-12-10size +1 no +1 stuff is algo dependentJelte Jansen
2007-11-28typo + changelog in spec file for fedoraJelte Jansen
2007-11-28superfluous print statement removedJelte Jansen
2007-11-28use default stylesheetJelte Jansen
2007-11-28changelogJelte Jansen
2007-11-27doxygenJelte Jansen
2007-11-27ahja svn dingetjeJelte Jansen
2007-11-27doxygen back to old working versionJelte Jansen
2007-11-26and here tooJelte Jansen
2007-11-26handle SSL errors (if present) in signzone, and check for key sizes in keygenJelte Jansen
2007-11-21forgot the random init fixes from trunkJelte Jansen
2007-11-21doxygen warningsJelte Jansen
2007-11-21updated fedora spec fileJelte Jansen
2007-11-20remove autom4te.cache dirsJelte Jansen
2007-11-19forgot a changelog entryJelte Jansen
2007-11-19version -> 1.2.2Jelte Jansen
2007-11-19break long linesJelte Jansen
2007-11-19inline comments in compare-zoneJelte Jansen
2007-11-19better explanation of compare-zones in manpageJelte Jansen
2007-11-14review commentsJelte Jansen
2007-11-13backport of hmac-md5 stuffJelte Jansen
2007-11-13changelog-updateJelte Jansen
2007-11-13added compare zones for 1.2.2Jelte Jansen
2007-11-12and in the 1.2 branch too race cond checksJelte Jansen
2007-11-09user owner name of SOA as origin if it was not specified manuallyJelte Jansen
2007-11-09also substitute @ sign for dnames in known rrs when reading from strings/filesJelte Jansen
2007-10-18off-by-one patch from trunkJelte Jansen
2007-10-17add manpage section (patch from Ondřej SurýJelte Jansen
2007-10-09^M removal caused some conflictsJelte Jansen
2007-10-08arg where did those DOS ^M's come fromJelte Jansen
2007-10-08and merge packaging tooJelte Jansen
2007-10-08and in the 1.2 branchJelte Jansen
2007-10-03changelogJelte Jansen
2007-10-03backport of rdata length skip in rr comparisonJelte Jansen
2007-09-18tab.Wouter Wijngaards
2007-09-18handled review comments:Jelte Jansen
2007-09-18tabsJelte Jansen
2007-09-07fix unused by void casts, removed unused macroJelte Jansen
2007-09-05version bumpJelte Jansen
2007-09-05suppress warnings about unused attributes on systems where things are disable...Jelte Jansen
2007-08-15and update other env dependent tests tooJelte Jansen
2007-08-15update compile test to new envJelte Jansen
2007-08-15don't output algorithms as their mnemonic (some implementation don't adhere t...Jelte Jansen
2007-08-09Makefile tweaksJelte Jansen
2007-08-09small addition to key2ds toolJelte Jansen
2007-08-08check rdfs and addresses before adding them to resolver listJelte Jansen
2007-08-08canonicalize ownername when calculating DS recordJelte Jansen