AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-06rm one more reference to DSA/NSEC4ldns-nsec4Matthijs Mekking
2012-01-05remove dsa for nsec4Matthijs Mekking
2011-10-04NSEC4 in bitmap when zero hashingMatthijs Mekking
2011-09-30nsec4 experimentMatthijs Mekking
2011-05-31tagging and branching...Willem Toorop
2011-05-31Last minute doxygen warning suppressionsWillem Toorop
2011-05-31The new release-1.6.x branchWillem Toorop
2011-05-30 * Fix Makefile for U in environment, since wrong U is more common thanWouter Wijngaards
2011-05-26Suppress as many warnings as possible when building pyldns and explain the ot...Willem Toorop
2011-05-25Suppressing compiler warnings reported by Paul Wouters.Willem Toorop
2011-05-24Review comment improvements from Matthijs.Willem Toorop
2011-05-23To make lint tests pass on Ubuntu 11.04Willem Toorop
2011-05-23Fix c99 flag detection on Solaris 11Willem Toorop
2011-05-18code review #7: Fix comment for is_glue in ldns_dnssec_name struct.Willem Toorop
2011-05-18code review #1: Extra info on NSEC records only when verbosity is upWillem Toorop
2011-05-18Get rid of copying of local resolver nameservers to the active resolver in se...Willem Toorop
2011-05-17Applied Bedrich Kosata's pyldns contributions and updated ChangelogWillem Toorop
2011-05-17Elimination of the defines in config.h from the header files that are distrib...Willem Toorop
2011-05-17Sorry, previous commit (revision 3494, files: dnssec.c, dnssec_sign.c, exampl...Willem Toorop
2011-05-17A new function thaWillem Toorop
2011-05-16Fix typo :(Willem Toorop
2011-05-16Clarify the operation of the ldns_dnssec_mark_glue() function and the meaning...Willem Toorop
2011-05-13Minor mem error fix and splint fixWillem Toorop
2011-05-13Fix ldns_dnssec_zone_add_empty_nonterminals to also detect the empty nontermi...Willem Toorop
2011-05-12Accidently made the change in util.h before :(Willem Toorop
2011-05-12Alleviate the potential sizeof(bool) discrepancies by:Willem Toorop
2011-05-11Rollback of last changes, because stdbool.h in solaris is only available when...Willem Toorop
2011-05-11Don't really on defines in config.h to determine the bool type.Willem Toorop
2011-05-10don't write *t++ = c if we are going to hit the limitMatthijs Mekking
2011-05-04no such options -cnMatthijs Mekking
2011-04-20do not loop, but syntax error on a malformed unknown RRMatthijs Mekking
2011-04-15Another glue record on the zonecut misidentification error, but now only for ...Willem Toorop
2011-04-13Make python function ldns_ldns_get_addr_by_name accept string parameters too ...Willem Toorop
2011-04-13Memory leak fixes by Bedrich Kosata (at the cost of a bit performance).Willem Toorop
2011-04-13Applied patch provided by Bedrich Kosata which makes wire2pkt usable from pyt...Willem Toorop
2011-04-11+1 example in gen zone manMatthijs Mekking
2011-04-11fix ds countMatthijs Mekking
2011-04-11ldns-gen-zone: make lint happy & check for zone dataMatthijs Mekking
2011-04-07update changelogMatthijs Mekking
2011-04-07new example toolMatthijs Mekking
2011-03-29Spelling error! Rename NSEC3PARAMS into NSEC3PARAM.Willem Toorop
2011-03-29Adapt ldns_nsec3_salt, ldns_nsec3_iterations, ldns_nsec3_flags and ldns_nsec3...Willem Toorop
2011-03-18Fix signature checking for NSEC3 records in do_secure_trace.Willem Toorop
2011-03-18Increment reference count on Py_None where necessary.Willem Toorop
2011-03-16Update to 1.6.10Willem Toorop
2011-03-16The new release is 1.6.9Willem Toorop
2011-03-16Ah... this needed an version update toorelease-1.6.9Willem Toorop
2011-03-16It may be releasedWillem Toorop
2011-03-16Preparing for releaseWillem Toorop
2011-03-15Also log changes to ChangelogWillem Toorop