AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-18Merge branch 'master' into cga-tsigcga-tsigWillem Toorop
2013-12-18forgot to remove header file inclusionMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18small fixesMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18copied permanent ldns_sha1 fixMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18more options for to use pre-defined modifier or collision countMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18ldns_sha1 bug has been fixedMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18minor text editMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18added input warningMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18print answer pkt contents and other print editsMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18clarifyMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18added usage instructionsMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18cleaned up commented codeMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18code tested without hardcoded address, it definitely works nowMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18Makefile fix (odd how it did work on a different machine)Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18adding CGA generator scriptMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18estheticsMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18it works! :D (fixed some bugs; increased len fields to 2 bytes; also, ldns_sh...Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18adapted query example for CGA-TSIG and fixed bugsMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18removed commented code (expecting RSA struct instead)Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18fixed pointer issuesMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18added CGA-TSIG call to ns exampleMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18small name changes againMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18small name changesMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18added CGA-TSIG test files to example folder and Makefiles (also fixed typo)Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18setting type based on size (now the size defs can be changed in the future wi...Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18comment no longer validMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18set algo_name and type in sign function (required some more implementation)Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18finished CGA-TSIG signing codeMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18started with cga-tsig sign code (this shouldn't be hard now)Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18how could this compile?Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18removed if SSL checks that are not neededMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18finished CGA-TSIG verification code (except for old public key/signature hand...Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18almost forgot some free'sMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18found a PK parser function from which the block length can be derived (OpenSS...Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18bug fix (checking uint for val<0)Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18Fixed compilation errorsMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18Made a start with the CGA signature generation functionMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18minor comment fixMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18Added CGA-TSIG data fields parserMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18Minor type changeMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18Added IP check for CGAMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18Using ldns_buffer and memcmp where I forgot to use itMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18rearranged tsig verify wrapper functions; removed my newly defined status in ...Marc Buijsman
2013-12-18some small commentsMatthijs Mekking
2013-12-18Added ldns_pkt_tsig_verify_ws() to the API, returns ldns_status instead of boolMatthijs Mekking
2013-12-18fixed compile errors and warningsMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18attempt to include the right file for tsig.hMarc Buijsman
2013-12-18(correction: previous commit was v. 1.7.0) - implemented CGA verification fun...Marc Buijsman
2013-12-17Final Net::LDNS -> DNS::LDNS renamesWillem Toorop
2013-12-17Some more Net::LDNS to DNS::LDNS renamesWillem Toorop