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Spelling fixes from Andreas Schulze
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diff --git a/examples/ldns-dane.c b/examples/ldns-dane.c
index 8d8c2749..9b1f1312 100644
--- a/examples/ldns-dane.c
+++ b/examples/ldns-dane.c
@@ -621,7 +621,7 @@ dane_query(ldns_rr_list** rrs, ldns_resolver* r,
*rrs = ldns_pkt_rr_list_by_type(p, t, LDNS_SECTION_ANSWER);
- if (! ldns_resolver_dnssec(r)) { /* DNSSEC explicitely disabled,
+ if (! ldns_resolver_dnssec(r)) { /* DNSSEC explicitly disabled,
anything goes */
diff --git a/examples/ldns-gen-zone.c b/examples/ldns-gen-zone.c
index c19d0f6d..bd7111a0 100644
--- a/examples/ldns-gen-zone.c
+++ b/examples/ldns-gen-zone.c
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ usage(FILE *fp, char *prog) {
fprintf(fp, "\n\nUsage: %s [-hsv] [-ap NUM] [-o ORIGIN] [<zonefile>]\n", prog);
fprintf(fp, "\tReads a zonefile and add some artificial NS RRsets and DS records.\n");
fprintf(fp, "\tIf no zonefile is given, the zone is read from stdin.\n");
- fprintf(fp, "\t-a <NUM> add NUM artifical delegations (NS RRSets) to output.\n");
+ fprintf(fp, "\t-a <NUM> add NUM artificial delegations (NS RRSets) to output.\n");
fprintf(fp, "\t-p <NUM> add NUM percent of DS RRset's to the NS RRsets (1-%d RR's per DS RRset).\n", NUM_DS);
fprintf(fp, "\t-o ORIGIN sets an $ORIGIN, which can be handy if the one in the zonefile is set to @.\n");
fprintf(fp, "\t-s if input zone file is already sorted and canonicalized (ie all lowercase),\n\t use this option to speed things up while inserting DS records.\n");
diff --git a/examples/ldns-keyfetcher.c b/examples/ldns-keyfetcher.c
index 4988bfbb..48e1683b 100644
--- a/examples/ldns-keyfetcher.c
+++ b/examples/ldns-keyfetcher.c
@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ retrieve_dnskeys(ldns_resolver *local_res, ldns_rdf *name, ldns_rr_type t,
authority_list = NULL;
if (loop_count++ > 20) {
- /* unlikely that we are doing something usefull */
+ /* unlikely that we are doing something useful */
fprintf(stderr, "Looks like we are looping");
return NULL;